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Diamonds can express your values as well as your style.

Rhys James

We often hear that social, ethical and environmental consciousness is critical to the success and sustainability of any business. This month, we were  delighted to have been granted re-certification by UK based Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), an organisation dedicated to the promotion of ethical jewellery practices and supply chain integrity globally from mine to retail. As the only Australian owned jewellery business to have been awarded re-certification by RJC, being able to reassure our customers as to the legitimate provenance of their jewels is a source of pride to everybody at Rhys James, especially when it comes to diamonds.

Diamonds continue to play a pivotal role as the pre-eminent gemstone in jewellery today, their relationship to luxury, as a symbol of desirability, durability, everlasting love is assured. Luxury brands are now seeking to differentiate thmselves through branding and the creation of proprietary diamond cuts available only  to consumers of their own label. With the global democratization of some of the most venerable names in the luxury jewellery industry and the emergence of new ones, the importance of brand differentiation at a product level has become a critical component to the marketing and maintenance of brand caché.

The proliferation of design infringement and plagiarism which is rife in virtually every market around the world, has not only motivated, but forced luxury jewellery brands to be at the forefront of product innovation, leading proprietary design and technology development. One of the benefits of the drive to innovate, has been the regeneration of once traditional industries and the reinterpretation of the very materials and raw commodities contained within the products these luxury brands produce and which have made their names synonymous with beauty and desirability.

Another benefit in terms of innovation and its effect on personal luxury goods, is greater choice for consumers and the ability for them to have faith in those brands that articulate their values, addressing a desire to be educated in the often complex and subjective world of diamonds.

Today, it is not simply enough to produce beautiful looking, well designed and high quality wearable products; rather, the raw materials from which the products are manufactured as well as the manufacturing process itself must be considered and ethically sustainable. 

Rhys James remains committed to the ethically conscious consumer, in search of personal differentiation through design and diamonds that expresses their values as well as their style. 

For more information visit the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) website or click here or to view the Press Release.