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Beauty. Rarity. Legacy.


Like art, jewellery should make you feel something.

Rhys James

Beauty. Rarity. Legacy. It's these three words that simply reflect our brand philosophy, a declaration that characterises our approach to the design and creation of personal luxury. When we talk about personal luxury, we’re referring to that special group of products created to mark personal moments of celebration; symbols of love, commitment, recognition, joy and reward. These special items have the power to remind us daily of the time we acquired them, to jog our memories of those we were with at the time, the places we wore them, the special experience of tactility and tangible ownership.

Whether it's an engagement ring and wedding ring deigned to celebrate a relationship or a diamond ring that marks a personal or professional milestone, these three simple yet powerful words are a constant source of inspiration at Rhys James. They inform the design process itself for every ring, necklace, solitaire pendant or pair of diamond earrings that we produce. Like an anchor in a constantly changing world, the words beauty, rarity, legacy - speak to the past, the present and the future; highlighting luxury's innate relationship with the concept of time and timelessness.

Personal luxury goods and especially jewellery, derive their power from their ability to enhance the identity of the wearer, to become a part of them in a way. For some, jewellery is imbued with almost magical and talisman-like properties that can protect the wearer in a variety of ways. Whether one is seeking through their jewellery a layer of invincibility in the boardroom or a statement that expresses or enhances one’s personal identity, it is not surprising that jewellery holds a special and highly personal place in people’s consciousness.

Increasingly, jewellery is being purchased by the wearer for themselves and speaks to one’s desire to be celebrate an accomplishment, to make a statement, to stand out and to define one's personal style. Jewellery should elicit an emotive response, it should make you feel something when you see it and touch it for the very first time, when you slide it on your finger, place it through your ears, pull it over your wrist or drape it around your neck.

When we create a bespoke item of personal luxury, it must be beautiful and exceptionally well crafted. it must also be worthy of passing to the next generation or across to a loved one. A tangible item of personal luxury is a wearable memory that lives forever.