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Diamonds now have Charisme. A ring that blends beauty with individuality.

Rhys James

This year we see the introduction of Charisme - a small collection of thoroughly modern engagement rings that blends beauty and sophistication with individuality. Following on from the faceted design motifs present in our Voyager rings and pendants, Charisme has been designed to further enhance the facets already present in our certified ethically sourced diamonds.

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Bespoke or Custom. So what's the difference?

Rhys James

We often hear these words being used almost interchangeably, as though they have a similar meaning. In reality however, they are quite different and here's how they differ. Choosing a Bespoke service is really about bringing to life a design that has yet to be created. It indulges individual tastes, choices, ideas and needs rather than popular trends and should result in a piece that complements your personality and sense of style.

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